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Public Service Media and Digital News

How are public service media services delivering news in an increasingly digital environment? And what action do they need to take to remain competitive in a fast-evolving global digital landscape? A new report of the Reuters Institute at the University of Oxford looks at how public service news organisations in six European countries (Italy, Poland, the UK, France, Germany and Finland) are navigating an increasingly digital landscape.

What are the idea conditions that allow a public service news organisation to flourish? And who is remaining competitive in a shifting media environment? The report explores differing approaches, and warns that without strategic action that prioritises digital media, mobile platforms, and social distribution, some public service news organisations risk losing touch with their audience – the public they exist to serve and which funds them. Explore the report, part of the Digital News Project, online here.

Sehl, A., Cornia, A., & Nielsen, R. K. (2016). Public Service News and Digital Media (Digital News Project 2016). Oxford: Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism.


Annika Sehl